Yellow - not just for Easter!

March 27, 2018

Yellow is synonymous with Easter, chickens, eggs and daffodils. It is also the colour of creativity, positive energy and clear thinking. Using yellow to brighten your home introduces a lively touch and instantly adds warmth and vitality to your home.

Various shades of yellow evoke different moods to suit various rooms throughout your home. For the livelier, busier areas, for instance the living room, bright yellow is a great way to create energy. In the kitchen, it can inspire creativity and lively conversation and will help to make a busy room vibrant and exciting. Softer hues of yellow will however, encourage peace and calm in the quieter areas, such as the bedroom or study.

Golden yellow is a brilliant way of injecting a splash of colour in darker surroundings or even rooms built around a monochrome theme. It combines perfectly with black and greys, it breaks up the colour scheme, and helps to prevent it from feeling heavy and daunting. You can create this effect by adding something as simple as yellow cushions on a charcoal sofa or a yellow throw against dark linen. Larger changes, such as the introduction of yellow shelving and storage pieces against a black wall, are also a brilliant way to create impact and will prove to be a great investment.

Furniture to create the ‘yellow effect’:

Children love bright colours and yellow toy storage pieces may encourage kids to keep their rooms tidy! When combined with white walls and other soft-toned decorations an environment that’s conducive to exploration and learning will emerge. Try adding other pieces of furniture in matching colours to create a stimulating environment for early childhood.

Inject some fun into your living spaces with sideboards, shelving or a coffee table built with yellow accents. A mixture of open shelving for books, and CDs painted in yellow hues will complete the look alongside a yellow colour splash using cushions, throws or pillows.

Make the kitchen or dining room table a ‘go to’ destination for the family with a bright yellow dining table. Complete the look with storage for glassware and crockery in a soft white for easy elegance.

Make your home working office environment an area you’ll want to return to every day with bright and buoyant yellow furniture. It will encourage concentration and playful thought. Yellow desks, shelving, or under-desk storage match beautifully with black or grey furnishings and decor; continue the cheerful tone with comfortable soft furnishings such as bean bags. Yellow is fun, fresh and bright – embrace it!

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