Would you buy a sofa or chair without sitting on it?

May 1, 2018

Of course you wouldn’t! But what exactly should you be checking when trying a new sofa or chair? One of the most important checks is what is inside your sofa or chair cushions?

Foam can provide the firmest support of all and is a good choice for those who want a supportive sit. Foam will also keep its shape and will need minimal maintenance; it can vary in density, the more dense, the firmer the sofa.

Fibre cushions are made of polyester hollow strands which are pumped full of air, these hollow strands are blown into a cushion casing which gives it a plump appearance. Fibre cushions will compress under pressure and so will give a much softer sit. Fibre cushions will need ‘plumping’ to return the air back into the fibres so therefore will require more attention than foam.

Similar to fibre cushions, feather cushions give a softer and less rigid look than foam. They will also require regular ‘plumping’ to restore their look. Feather is often mixed with fibre in cushions, as feathers on their own can clump together. Feather and fibre are perfect for those wanting a sofa to sink into, as opposed to sit on.

Hybrid cushions are becoming very popular. These combine the benefits of all types of the fillings above. Fibre and feather is often used to wrap a foam interior, which will provide a robust core with a softer casing.

Which ever you think you will prefer you MUST try before you buy, visit a local showroom and spend time sitting, lounging and generally ‘behaving’ as you would at home – the more time you spend the greater chance you will make a right choice!

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