October 13, 2020

Many people are even considering escaping the city and moving into the countryside where they can often find a more spacious house and garden with better access to the countryside and open spaces.

Since March this year our homes have become makeshift schools, offices, gyms, pubs and restaurants. Our bedrooms have become our working and sleeping area which has been very challenging for everyone. So, with fewer people commuting to work we are all spending much more time within our 4 walls, leading to us all becoming very conscious of our living and working space and how we can maximise its use and improve the surrounding to make it much more ‘user friendly’ and inspiring. The time spent at home has highlighted the need for each member of the household having some personal space, whether that is for study, work or leisure activities.

The recent trend for more open plan living has meant the opening up several ground floor rooms in to a single, multi-functional space. This has meant often homeworking parents are occupying the space during the day and the family joining them in the evening to eat and socialise.

However, often the lack of privacy these large, open-plan spaces give has presented challenges, there is no quiet corner to take an important call or take part in a zoom meeting.

So what can be the answer? Well, in a large open plan space it is easy to ‘create’ separate areas. A corner with a desk, chair and chest of drawers can become an office, separated by maybe a bookcase with not only books but plants to provide a calming, gentle effect. This could then lead to the living area with a corner sofa, dining table, TV table and perhaps your kitchen space. An area with gym equipment is best kept away from ‘relaxing space’, if you have a loft or maybe an outside shed or garage, why not convert this into an ‘escape space’ with gym equipment, exercise bike, music and a TV? This area will not only keep you fit but will provide a much needed break from your living and working area.

A good quality mattress and bed is essential for our well-being and general health and a good night’s sleep leads to a more productive, effective working day. Consider this a priority purchase when looking to improve your house of flat. Another ‘flexible’ household purchase could be a corner sofa or modular sofa. This will mean you can choose the size of your sofa to fit exactly into your space and also provide a cosy area to relax.

Our Market Harborough showrooms have many options for home working and for adapting your home to this new way of living and working. Our mattresses and beds currently have 20% off and our range of corner sofas are available in many colour and fabric options.

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