Working from home at its best!

September 8, 2020

Along with this new way of working comes a new way of configuring what was your leisure and family space into what is now effectively your home office. A comfortable and stylish workplace promotes happy workers and the same principle should be applied to the home office.

Maybe the number one thought will be ‘is my wifi going to cope’ – check your speed by googling ‘check my speed’, if it is not sufficient contact your supplier and see if they can rectify the issue, you may need to buy a wifi booster in certain areas. Next should be what will be workspace be like?

Ensure your space is well lit with preferably natural light. Try to create an area, which you can close off, or one that is not going to be too obvious when you are not working. You need to avoid the fact that your living space is now your new workspace and that the two may become intertwined! A ‘smart desk’ could be the answer to maximize your space and keep everything in one place. A smart desk is a blend of modern furniture with built in smart technology. There are collections of home office desks with high quality built in Bluetooth speakers, wireless charging pads and USB ports. This means not only can you charge your smart devices with the modern, stylish furniture; you can also listen to music. Most home office desks are available in a range of wood options and painted options to help it to blend into your current décor and colour schemes.

A very important consideration must be the chair you will be sitting in while working. It has been found that since lockdown chiropractors have seen an influx of home workers with back problems due to poor posture. This may be due to working at a dining table or even sitting on a bed while working on a laptop. Stressless recliner chairs are pioneers in ergonomics and their office chairs are not only designed to be comfortable and supportive of your back and neck, they are stylish too! Available in many leather colour options, Stressless office chairs will blend into your home décor and style perfectly.

So, now is the time more than ever to plan your home office environment, ensure it is comfortable, efficient and most of all stylish!

Stressless office chairs are available to order from our store where we have all the leather colour options for you to choose from. We also have a range of smart desks – visit our store to see for yourself or call our sales team for more information.

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