Wishing you a calm, peaceful and colourful 2020…

January 8, 2020

Wishing you a calm, peaceful and colourful 2020…

Every year industry experts choose their Colour of the Year and for 2020 wallpaper and paint specialist Graham & Brown have announced ‘Adeline’ green as their chosen shade. Described as ‘rich bottle-green’ Adeline offers the serenity of nature and provides tranquillity and a general calmness. It can also help to inspire a healthier and happier home and provide a breath life to any room.

Not to be left out, Color Institute, Pantone have also announced its 2020 colour of the year and they have chosen Classic Blue. This calming, natural shade, similar to Adeline green is, as Pantone describes, “timeless and enduring, suggestive of the sky at dusk, solid, dependable and restful”.

In simple terms, when we introduce these calm, restful colours we can promote our wellbeing and mood. Green is a rich, leafy colour which when welcomed into our homes links the inside with the outside, creating an extension to our garden, patio and decking. This extension can be improved by adding indoor plants which will also improves our mood by providing us with something pleasing to look at, helping us breath more easily, ease our stress levels and in some cases relieve pain.

Shades of blue remind us of the sea and the calmness and tranquillity sitting on a beach can bring. Blue is also synonymous with the sky and the serenity a big, open space can bring.

So, how do you stay on trend and welcome these natural, calm shades into our lives? Many homes, particularly new homes, begin with white or grey walls, providing the perfect ‘blank canvas’ ready to be brought to life. The easiest way to introduce a new colour into any room is to subtlety add shades of green or blue in the form of cushions, lampshades, rugs or even pieces of pottery. Whether you choose forest green, lime green, sage green, turquoise, pale blue or classic blue, you will find these shades will enhance any living space, the hall, sitting room, dining room and even bedroom. To complete the look and in keeping with these ‘back to nature’ shades, you will find that leather sofas, furniture in natural wood and elegant metal pieces will blend perfectly. Any shade of green or blue will provide a stunning background when added to contrast colours such as yellow, which gives a feeling of light or pink which is fun and vibrant, a yellow or pink velvet chair or sofa gives a feeling of luxury and glamour.

Good luck experimenting with the latest 2020 colour schemes, if you need any help furniture store Russell Francis of Market Harborough have over 60 sofas and chairs on display and 100’s of fabric options to choose from.


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