When is a bed not a bed? When it's a sofa bed!

April 26, 2017

When is a bed not a bed? When it's a sofa bed! Sofa beds are the prefect answer for unexpected guests or guests that you have no bedrooms to acccommodate! Sofa beds used to provide stylish emergency sleeping quarters for unexpected stayovers but can now offer a comfortable and even a permanent bed and for children can be a fun alternative to a 'proper' bed. Traditionally sofa beds offered only short staying guests a bed for the night, but now due to their sprung mattressess and efficiency in opening and closing, they can now offer a premanent bed for longer stays or where space is of a premium, such as in an apartment or studio a premanent 'bedroom' answer.

Visit our bed centre to view our large range of sofa beds, you can try the mattress and experience the opening and closing mechanism to appreciate the ease and how a sofa bed will transform your sleeping arrangements!

Tel: 01858 435999 for more information and prices.




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