What does the word 'bespoke' mean to you?

June 11, 2018

The word bespoke, the making of goods, made to order, originated from the verb ‘to bespeak’ which meant to 'call out'. The word then changed to describe something that needs to be ‘decided upon’. This is when the term began to be used in tailoring, meaning a garment to be 'discussed in advance' and then created. The word bespoke then began to be used in the car and furniture industry, more recently the word bespoke is used describe websites and computer based information.

Tailor Geoff Souster said “the best way to describe bespoke is the cutting and fitting or a suit which is done on the premises”

Bespoke suits, which can cost up to £5,000 are synonymous with Savile Row but the word bespoke when used to describe a sofa or chair, made to a customer’s measurements, does not have a heavy price tag! At Russell Francis we can arrange to have most of our sofas made to specific measurements, at no extra cost, giving the customers choice and design options.

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