What are "œno turn' mattresses?

March 5, 2019

What are “no turn’ mattresses?

A mattress that is sold as ‘no turn’ is designed in such a way that there is only one side of the mattress that is to be slept on. This means there is no need to ‘flip’ them over as the ‘non-sleeping’ side will provide very little support and will not be comfortable. One-sided or ‘no turn’ mattresses are made with supportive layers which are materials ‘stacked’ on top of each other in a specific order. Two-sided mattresses have a strong core but the layers are added above and below the core, this means they need to be turned to even out the use on both sides.

For instance, Hypnos mattresses are full of quality materials, which offer a deep level of depth and longevity; but by nature they can be heavy to move. This can create a problem in certain circumstances so some Hypnos models have been built, with the same care and quality, but they only need seasonal rotation rather than turning.

Whether you have a ‘no turn’ mattress or not, new mattresses should be rotated about every 3 months. You will usually be able to tell when your mattress requires rotating as you may feel it start to sag or you may even be able to see sagging. If this seems to be happening regularly you may need to rotate your mattress more regularly.

It may be a good idea to make a rotation ‘reminder’ and to make sure you remember which end of the mattress you last slept on! One way to remember is to write the date you rotate your mattress in your diary and to make a note whether the manufacturers details are at the top or the bottom of the bed. When you next rotate your mattress ensure the details finish up at the opposite end – simple!

Once you are ready to rotate your mattress clear everything from your bedside tables to avoid breakages. Make sure you have a clear area around the bed, then pull your mattress from the headboard or wall and check if the mattress has handles, if so use these, they will make the process a lot easier! Grab your mattress by one corner, lift it slightly and drag it across the base until the top is at the bottom and vice versa. Re-align your mattress so it sits evenly on the base, update your diary and you are good to go!

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