Stay warm and comfortable in winter

November 12, 2015

Whether you’re a fan of the wintery months or not there’s no denying that there’s something immensely satisfying about wrapping up and sipping hot drinks on the sofa facing your fireplace. In a few more weeks it’ll be time to decorate the house for Christmas but we know that there are many of you itching to open the stored away Christmas decorations box.

Invite guests and family to join you on the sofa with a selection of blankets. Choose colours that match your living room interior or bring the Christmas feel into your home with royal red throw. Blankets don’t have to be just used on the sofa though as they can be used as throws over any furniture which can easily change the theme of a room.

Draught Excluders are wonderful way of stopping cold air getting into your wonderfully warm room. Even if you don’t necessarily need one, they can be a feature that is reminiscent of winter. You can always find one that suits your tastes or if you are creative you could always make your own.

No one enjoys having cold feet but if slippers aren’t your thing have you thought about putting a rug down? A good quality sheep skin rug would look fantastic at Christmas and you’ll find that many children will prefer to sit on that rather than your comfortable settee.

Candles certainly won’t make your room any warmer but it will make it cosier and as its winter, tea light just won’t do. Buy pillar candles and accentuate them with large candle folders as well as candle garlands.

We’ve put together a Pinterest Board of our favourite wintery interiors which can be viewed here. Why not tweet us your favourite winter decoration you look forward to unpacking every year?
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