April 5, 2017

Why not add a splash of colour to you room using simple accessories?By using a simple, colourful cushion placed on your faithful sofa you can add a whole new look to your living room at very low cost! Colours to look out for this spring are mustard, yellow and reds. In fact any colour, which is 'new to you you' will work and provide a fresh uplift to your sitting room and will show off your sofa in a different light. Take a photo of the fabric of your sofa when choosing a new cushion, or if possibly take a base cushion with you to get the look spot on! Try not to look as if you have tried too hard to match the colours exactly, a colour clash can look good if you are careful!

A new lamp or mirror if also an excellent way of giving a living space an uplift, we have many mirrors and lamps on sale in our showrooms, you can see for yourself how you are spread light throughout your home using a reflective surface.

Think 'out of the box' this spring and you will love your new and invigorated living space!




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