Spring cleaning and storage solutions

March 8, 2017


Spring cleaning and storage solutions to make your life easier! When deciding to give you house a good spring clean why not consider new storage ideas that will save on space and cut down on dust! The use of an upholstered footstool is a must - you can store magazines, books, remote controls and maybe even the occasional bag of TV sweets! Clever cabinet storage can also save on space, cabinet pieces that maximise the internal storage without compromising on style are certainly a clever investment. In the dining room the use of integral drawers, often hidden from view are useful for all cutlery etc and spacious cabinet cupboards provide plenty of space for crockery, table linen etc. Kitchens usually provide plenty of clever storage, but you can also maximise this space if you regularly clear out any kitchen appliance or gadget you have not used for over a year - you will never use it again - trust me! In the bedroom a bed with underneath storage is a must have! Buying a bed without storage seems a waste of space, you will end up placing items under the bed which then become dusty. By having drawers under the mattress or a bed that lifts to provide a spacious 'cavity' you will increase your bedroom storage hugely.

We have a whole range of different sizes and shaped footstools, flexible dining cabinet pieces and beds which provide maximum storage.



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