Reclining Chairs - what you need to know

July 15, 2020

If you have never tried a reclining chair you are really missing a trick, particularly if you now suffer or have ever suffered from any type of back pain including sciatica, lower back pain or muscle pain.

So what are the best reclining chairs, research shows that the 135 degree reclining position allows less stress on the spine and may reduce the risk of back pain. If you sit for long periods of time, whether that is working from home and sitting at a lap top or computer, or sitting watching TV and relaxing, your posture is very important and a reclining chair can help by adjusting the your sitting position and taking the stress from your spline.

So how do you choose the correct reclining chair to improve your health or improve your working from home productivity? A good quality reclining chair should feature lumbar support to alleviate pressure on your lower back. When buying a reclining chair you need, of course to try it out to avoid making an expensive mistake. Take time visiting your local reclining chair shop and ask to try several chairs and spend time relaxing in each one. Take notice how your lower back feels when the chair is upright and also when it is reclined.

To reduce sciatica pain you will benefit from your chair having wheels and using them! Instead of twisting and turning your body you can use your chair to move your body as a single unit and therefore alleviating the risk of potential pain.

Recliner chairs can be manually or electrically operated. A manual recliner, which is both stylish and practical, such as Stressless chair, allows your spine to ‘glide’ down the chair and still be completely supported. The Stressless Glide system reads your body weight and shape and adjusts to any angle to ensure the reclining action is natural, there is no ‘pre-set’ reclining positions. Stressless chairs also come in 3 sizes, which means the lumbar and neck/head support (the most important factor when selecting a chair size) is very flexible.

An electrically operated recliner chair is the ultimate way to relax. There are two main types of electric recliner chair to choose from, single motor or dual motor. A single motor means that the backrest and footrest move at the same time, so as you recline, your feet are also raised. A dual motor recliner chair has two motors, one for the backrest and one for the footrest which means these can be operated independently and you can choose whether you recline, raise your feet or both. These chairs are perfect for those who have more limited mobility, suffer from poor posture, weak knees or swelling in the feet or ankles.

So what do you need to do before buying your recliner chair? An important task is to measure the floor space where the recliner will be, being careful that there is enough space for the back to recline and if needed for the footrest to rise. Next decide on the covering, bright or subtle fabric or hardwearing soft leather, which are both offered in 100’s of colour options.

Whichever recliner chair you choose we know you will love it forever!

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