Hypnos Beds Eco-friendly packaging innovation

March 3, 2021

Pioneering Eco-friendly packaging from bed & mattress manufacturer - Hypnos

After spending 18th months of research, Hypnos Beds have developed an industry first by creating brand new recyclable, eco-friendly packaging for its beds and mattresses.

At the heart of the packaging is a surprising product - sugar cane! Sugar cane is a renewable and carbon dioxide depleting resource. The process combines Sugar cane ethanol with recycled plastic, which has a carbon footprint that can be up to four times lower than normal plastic. This clearly helps all those who use it to reduce their carbon footprint.

The process uses ethanol (a bi-product of sugar cane production) and recycled plastics that form a green polyethylene (more environmentally friendly form of plastic). This means the material is carbon neutral, it is 100% recyclable and eliminates the need for fossil-based products.

Hypnos has led this carbon neutral challenge, working in partnership with a specialist polyethylene manufacturer. Hypnos has decided they will not patent or trademark the packaging; they want to share the innovation globally and are asking industries and retailers around the world to ditch single-use polythene and make the important transition to this 100% recyclable product.

Hypnos believe that if all the mattress manufacturers in the UK switched to eco polythene, it would save a massive 8,000 tonnes of CO2 per year.

This latest development is another key milestone in Hypnos’ sustainability agenda. From using natural resources in their manufacturing processes to carbon offsetting programmes, it was the first bed maker in the world to become carbon neutral, and has been for over 10 years.

In 2020 Hypnos was awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Sustainable Development and they created their Origins Collection. Every single element within this collection is traceable and environmentally responsible thanks to Hypnos working with Red Tractor in order to source ethical British Wool. All of the Origins range beds and mattresses have been made from natural, sustainable materials and are completely recyclable, ensuring they should never go to landfill.

For more information go to www.hypnos.co.uk and visit our website to see our Hypnos ranges at the best price.

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