How to look after your leather furniture

August 18, 2015

One of the best things about leather is that it can age really well and many people actually prefer the aged look over the new pristine one. Leather is a natural product and as so it can last a lifetime, provided proper care is taken to protect it, making it a sound investment.

Although they look similar, faux leather can be deceiving and as a synthetic material, it does not have the same quality as the real thing. Genuine leather needn’t be expensive and so it is always worth spending a bit more to get a long lasting sofa or chair which will stand the test of time.

Many people assume that looking after leather furniture requires more effort than its fabric counterparts. Just think what’s easier to wipe down and which holds onto dust and smells?

There are plenty of leather wipes to buy on the market that can remove loose dirt from the surface of your chairs or sofa. Of course the best way to remove dust and debris is by using the vacuum cleaner hose.

As an extra you can apply a leather conditioner which prevents the item from drying out and cracking. This doesn’t have to be done more than once a year either.

Any spillages should be wiped up with a dry cloth immediately and although you may be tempted to use soap products, don’t use anything that’s not intended to be specifically used on leather.

In order to look after the colour of your leather sofa make sure it is not in direct sunlight as this can make the colour fade and dry it out. It is often thought that leather is hot in summer and cold in winter but this is not the case. As it is a natural product, the sofa or chair can ‘breathe’ allowing it to remain cool in summer. We stock leather-cleaning kits, which provide all the products needed to keep your furniture looking as good as new.

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