June 18, 2018

A mattress protector can help with cleanliness and general 'up-keep' of your mattress. We all perspire when asleep and our skin produces oil, we also shed dead skin, all this can end up on your mattress, which will be difficult to clean and refresh. A protector will help prevent anything seeping onto your mattress and can easily be removed and popped into your washing machine.

A mattress protector will also help keep your mattress from absorbing too much moisture which can have an adverse effect on the various fillings used inside, therefore extending the life of your mattress. A mattress protector can also help to prevent dust mite. Dust mite in your mattress can lead to allergies and can increase sneezing, running nose, wheezing and shortness of breathe. Dust mites eat dead skin cells, by using a mattress protector you reduce the risk of skin cells getting into your mattress and not allowing dust mites to take hold. Finally, a mattress protector will help with your mattress warranty, staining the mattress may in some cases make your warranty void.

So, a free mattress protector is the perfect way to look after our new purchase, without the price tag! Call in soon or telephone 01858 435990 for more information.




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