For the love of leather

August 5, 2019

For the love of leather

Known as a hard wearing and flexible material, the first use of leather dates back to 2200 BC. Leather hides’ characteristics are determined by nature itself. Cattle spend most of their lives outdoors and as such the vegetation and care the animal has been subjected to will effect the texture and look of the leather.

Genuine leather should be soft and warm to touch and have a distinctive aroma, which is familiar, and appealing. Faux, or fake leather has a totally different, “chemical” smell. Genuine leather has natural variations in its grain; if the grain is uniform then it is probably a fake. A drop of water will identify genuine leather, it should absorb the moisture quickly, on fake leather water will simply ‘puddle’ and stay on top.

So which leather should you choose for your new leather sofa? Aniline leather is the softest, most luxurious leather cover, manufactured from the best quality hides with less natural markings. Aniline leather is dyed using only soluble dyes creating an even surface whilst retaining the hide's natural surface. Another option is Semi-aniline leather, which can have a ‘waxy’ feel but still maintains its soft feel.

Italian leather is often referred to as the highest quality form of this material. When compared to other types of leather, Italian leather is long lasting whilst maintaining its soft, ‘easy to live with’ appeal – making it the perfect sofa and chair covering.

We have a large selection of leather sofas and chairs with hundreds of colour and quality options. Call in to see, feel and try a leather sofa for yourself.

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