Extra guests arriving? Get a sofa bed!

November 2, 2017

Extra guests arriving? If you plan to have guests to stay over the Christmas period and you're running out of sleeping space don't panic! A sofa bed can be the ideal answer if you have little space and don't wish to buy a new bed or expect someone to sleep on the sofa! A good quality sofabed offer the option of a comfortable night's sleep with the bonus of the fact that when it is not used it provides an excellent sofa to relax on. Whether your sofa bed is in a spare bedroom, which could then double up as a study or hobby room, or if it is in your sitting room, providing the quality is good it will last for years. Always ensure that the base and back cushions of the sofa bed are of a good quality foam or fibre and that they are easy to remove, importantly make sure the mattress is good quality and or course that it is comfortable! A good furniture store should allow you to make sure you are strong enough to pull out the bed - they are usually not difficult providing the mechanism is good quality. So when sofabed shopping check the quality of a) mattress b) the sofa cushions c) the mechanism

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