Ergonomics? Err?

June 18, 2019

Ergonomics … Errr? We explain ...

You may have heard the word Ergonomics spoken about in the work place. The word actually means “a study of how humans interact with manmade objects”. Whilst that sounds pretty straightforward Ergonomics goes further by examining how this interaction can be improved in respect of health and wellbeing. This may include providing employees with specially designed chairs, desks, keyboards, mice and wrist rests, all developed using ergonomics and are therefore said to have "ergonomic design."

The Ergonomic trend is now not only an important issue in the workplace, it is highly popular (and welcome) in the interior design industry and is influencing the way we choose the furniture we relax upon and the beds we sleep in.

Just as poorly designed furniture in the workplace can potentially cause health issues, likewise our home furniture and beds can affect our health, wellbeing and comfort. So how can the sofas we unwind upon be bad for our backs? Well, we all relax differently when reading, watching TV etc, but did you know that crossing your legs or putting them up on the sofa next to you can lead to aches and pains due to bad posture? Advice to avoid back pain is that is it best to sit with your knees level with your hips, your lower back supported and with both feet on the floor.

Have you experienced pain, headache or stiffness in your neck or back when waking up? Sleeping posture is extremely important to reduce stress on joints and in turn gain a night of quality sleep. A good quality mattress is the first thing to consider if you are not waking feeling refreshed in the morning. A recent study suggests the healthiest sleeping posture is the side-sleep position with a pillow filling the gap between the head and mattress, allowing the head to stay in the centre of the shoulders. This position avoids bending the neck and preserves the body’s natural curve, eliminating strains on the neck and back.

If you are considering improving your relaxing ‘experience”, Russell Francis of Market Harborough have a large range of Stressless recliner chairs which are all designed to provide maximum comfort, supporting your neck and lumbar region. These chairs adjust the seat and back angle to your movements – in perfect harmony with your body. Their comfortable, concealed footrest extends outwards, using slight pressure, providing superlative support for your legs.

If you feel you are not waking feeling rested, Russell Francis’ sleep studio also stocks Hypnos and Harrison Spinks mattresses, all designed to provide the correct base for your perfect night’s sleep. Their mattresses are sustainably designed, eco-friendly and tailor made to assure your comfort and luxury, Russell Francis stock Hypnos pillows to compliment the comfort of your mattress choice.

Call in at 98 St Marys Road, LE16 7DX (free customer parking), call 01858 435990 or visit /brands/stressless-recliner-chairs and /beds/hypnos-beds for more information.


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