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September 29, 2014

Here at Russell Francis you can find a wonderful selection of furniture from some of the very best brands in the country including Duresta, a world-renowned brand known for its beautiful craftsmanship and stunning designs.

The company is based in Nottinghamshire, an area with a long, illustrious history in the textile industry. Even today the city is home to businesses that specialise in each aspect of furniture making including frame makers and fabric producers.

To create each piece of furniture, a comprehensive design process takes place and this is evident in the high quality of the products, both in terms of style and comfort. The hardwood frames combined with the ornate fabrics produce furniture which stands out from other designers.

The wooden frames are made from specially selected hardwood and each one is individually glued and screwed into a shape that is strong and durable enough to last for decades.

This use of good materials has helped Duresta to maintain its spectacular reputation over the last 75 years; making 'Country House' upholstery which is admired for looking formal yet inviting in any home or public space.

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According to the company website, the brand is always aware that a sofa is far more than a functional object; it should be an aesthetically pleasing central feature of any room. Built by a team of enthusiastic manufacturers, the final outcome is carefully considered throughout the manufacturing process so that when it is complete there really is no room for improvement.

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Like Russell Francis, the brand constantly updates and adapts to new trends. Despite its ongoing development however, a consistent English character evident in all of the products it makes.

In fact, for a long time Duresta had a unique licence which gave them the ability to study furniture donated to the National Trust closely. This enabled them to understand traditional manufacturing methods and design; they then used this knowledge to develop “time-honoured” designs that have the high quality expected from the upper classes in previous centuries.

The National Trust often uses Duresta pieces now because their creations are based on traditional English heritage fabrics and styles.

Although the understated, subtle glamour of each piece is quintessentially English; the brand sources their materials from across the globe, ensuring that they are using what they consider to be the very finest of materials in the most elegant of patterns and colours. Each material undergoes an exhaustive testing process to prevent issues with premature wearing.

While you can view some of the sofas from this range online, by visiting our showroom in Market Harborough you can experience the outstanding beauty of each sofa in person as well as enjoy the lavish comfort that they offer.

If you would like to find out more about this prestigious brand, or if you think that furniture from the range is the perfect style for your property, please visit us in store or contact us for more information.

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