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August 12, 2014

When we think about the swinging 60s there are various images that spring to mind: Beatlemania is probably the first one and Twiggy’s quirky haircut, “sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll”, and Flower Power might be a few others. Alternatively you might think about Civil Rights Movements, the first landing on the moon, or that 1966 football thing.

As well as music and the peace and love culture, the decade also introduced lots of bright colours and unusual geometric shapes. Instantly recognisable, the 60s definitely brought with it a unique new style of interior design.

At Russell Francis of Market Harborough we know that a lot of people love the trends of this decade, which is why we have the G Plan Vintage collection; a range of sofas designed in a vintage style with a contemporary twist. If you are looking for some 60s inspiration, have a look at some of our top 1960s interior décor ideas:

60's wallpaper

Walls & Floor

1960s was the antithesis of today’s penchant for magnolia walls, bare shelves, and minimalist décor. It was the era of bright colours splashed together in symmetrical patterns; nowhere was bare, every wall was covered in a concoction of clashing shades.

The walls were always decorated in patterned wallpaper – very unlike today when walls are usually painted in plain colours. Often this was matched with a patterned carpet covered in all sorts of different shapes, usually shades of brown and black.

There would also be lots of picture frames on the wall, often with yet more brightly-coloured patterns inside them, rather than pictures of people or scenery.

A contemporary 60s-style room might have a modern wooden floor with patterned walls to make it look bigger, and add a modern twist to an otherwise traditional style. However, most homes in this decade would have had a carpeted floor, probably also with a striking repetitive pattern all over it.

Figures from the 60s

Figures from the 60s

If you are creating a room to celebrate the 60s then you might want to add portraits of famous figures or events from the decade. While people did not do it at the time, a portrait of the Beatles, Elvis, The Supremes, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix or images of the moon landing or Civil Rights is a nice way to remind people why it was such an important decade.


The first accessory that you need is a shag pile rug as these were unavoidable during the era. Consider adding a bean bag and the obligatory lava lamp – for many people an iconic accessory of the decade.

Paint any wooden furniture that you already have in bright colours – the more they clash the better. Paper lampshades, accessories made from bamboo or wicker, and even retro phones, radios, and clocks are quirky little ways to maintain that 60s feel.

Accessories, like the furniture itself, were often plastic and garish in appearance so that it looked as if colour had been splashed all over the room. There was also a lot of futuristic furniture around, designed in unusual shapes that looked as if they belonged in a time that was yet to come, it is easy to find these items today either online or in quirky little independent stores.

G Plan


Individualism was expressed in the furniture itself as well as its surroundings. At Russell Francis of Market Harborough you can find the G Plan Vintage Collection, a group of sofas that would complement your 1960s theme brilliantly. The bright fabrics and interesting shapes of the 60s have been retained in the range but have been merged with the modern methods of creating sofas that offer luxurious comfort and support.

G Plan is manufactured using only the finest materials and the most expert craftsmanship. Every one of their sofas comes with a 10-year guarantee, showing how confident they are that their products are long-lasting. Manufactured using only premium, long-lasting fillings and fabrics, the range offers comfort as well as style.

A British-made product, all of the sofas are beautifully tailored and would make a stunning centrepiece in your 1960s living room.

If you would like to find out more about the G- Plan range; visit our website, our Market Harborough showroom, or call us on 01858 435 999.

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