Choosing a Modern Sofa

October 7, 2016

Choosing a Modern Sofa

Sofas are often the focal point of a living room or family room, and so they must be both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. A new modern (or contemporary) sofa is an investment, and should last for many years, making it an important decision to choose carefully. Modern sofas are not, as some may think a ‘style of the day”. These sofas can also be timeless if chosen in suitable fabrics and of good quality frame construction, preferably built to high standards in the UK.


When choosing a modern sofa you should not focus solely on the fabric’s colour and pattern, consideration should be given to the texture and feel. Texture includes leather, velvet, chenille, weave and so on. Velvet can be soft, attractive and tactile but not as hard wearing as other fabrics. Leather traditionally has the ‘reputation’ of being harsh and cold, however soft Italian leathers can cosy and warm, weaves are hardwearing and very on trend at the moment with chenille providing a timeless look and long lasting covering. Whatever you choose, modern sofa upholstery can make a huge a statement with or without the need for bright colours and patterns


As with all sofas the cushions on modern sofas, may be loose and moveable, giving a ‘casual’ style or fixed for a more ‘uniform’ look. Modern sofas offer the option of scatter cushions, these can provide a bright splash of colour without the danger of dating – they can easily be replaced at low cost and give any plain background colour plenty of interest. The number of scatter cushions placed on any sofa will depend on the size of the sofa but should always be of an odd number – not a symmetrical look of two cushions at each end of the sofa!


The filling of the cushions should be chosen depending on several factors. Maintenance – do you wish to be constantly ‘plumping up’ the cushions? Allergies – is anyone in the family allergic to feathers for instance? Firmness – do you require a firm ‘sit’ to your sofa or are you happy with a soft, more casual feel? Cushion filling may seem like a small detail when choosing a modern sofa, but the correct filling makes so much difference to the comfort and durability of your sofa.

Frame Construction

Frame construction is the support ‘mechanism’ of any modern sofa. Quality modern sofas are made from kiln-dried hardwood. Each piece of the sofa should be securely screwed together, not stapled or glued also any quality sofa, whether modern or traditional, should have springs, as opposed to cheaper wire coils that work as the main seat support system. Sofa legs provide support when going for a modern or contemporary look try to avoid a ‘skirt’ look instead go for visible, heavy square chunks, or wide bun feet.

Whatever modern (or traditional) sofa you buy make sure you buy the very best quality for your budget. At Russell Francis we have sofas to suit all budgets, but what they have in common is they are all high quality, durable, made to last and manufactured in Britain or Northern Europe. To view just a small range we have on offer at our Market Harborough showroom visit our modern sofa page /ranges/modern-sofas-chairs

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