Choose where you snooze

October 2, 2018

There are lots of thoughts on where and how to get to sleep but here are our five dos and don'ts when choosing where you enter the land of nod!

1. DO NOT BUY YOUR MATTRESS ON-LINE! You really need to try before you buy - visit your local furniture/bed store wearing loose fitting clothes and expect to get on the bed, and lie in the position you would expect to sleep in. We see so many people visit our bed centre, get onto a mattress then lie flat on their backs - why? Don't rush and you may need to revisit a second or even third time before deciding on the perfect mattress for you.

2. DO TAKE YOUR PARTNER WITH YOU when choosing a new mattress, if you are different weight and body shape (which is almost certain), look for a mattress with different firmness each side, maybe a zip and link mattress would suit you?

3. DO CHECK THE MATTRESS - a mattress will feel soft if it is on a spring divan base and harder if on a slatted base. Check the slats, they should be at least 6cm apart.

4. DO CONSIDER YOUR WEIGHT - if you are between 8st - 11st a softer mattress is recommended, for 11st - 16st go for a medium and a firm for those of you who are 16st - 20st. More than 20st will need an extra-firm mattress.

5. DO CHECK THE MATTRESS MATERIAL - mattresses made of natural materials are always best, they will help regulate temperature making sure you sweat less and don't overheat. Quality mattresses may contain horsehair which is springy and soft and has been steam-cleaned to prevent allergies. This could be combined with cotton, wool or even cashmere - creating the softest of beds.

Whatever your decision, remember you will spend a lot of time on your mattress over the following 8 years (the recommended time span before changing your matttress).

Our bed centre is set on our second floor which is quiet and private so you can follow the above guide at your own pace with our expert staff on hand for help and guidance.





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