Bring a little green into your home for our mind, body and spirit

July 8, 2020

Bring a little green into your home for our mind, body and spirit

With Spring barely passing us by we all seem to have dived straight into summer!

Summer always brings hope of long hot days and also, particularly at this time, the thoughts of getting outside and enjoying the countryside. Lockdown gave us a very precious thing – time! Time to consider our surroundings, go on long walks and ‘drink’ in all that the beautiful English countryside has to offer – totally unaffected by COVID-19!

We often consider bringing home a special part of the fields and woods we walk in, maybe a collection of wild flowers, a fallen branch or even foraged fruits, mushrooms and herbs. At the same time it is good for the soul to incorporate living plants into our living space. Plants provide a feeling of calmness, well-being and can oxygenate a stuffy living room or office space, which at the present time is often also a school classroom!

My favourite plants are ones from which I can take cuttings or as they rapidly expand in their pots, which I can split and give to friends and family. Watering and feeding plants is a rewarding and peaceful activity, not something to be rushed.

Likewise shades of green incorporated into our interior design can provide the same feeling of tranquility and peace. A green cushion or throw can add a spark to any sitting room, a sofa or accent chair upholstered in green fabric or leather makes more of a statement, but one which you will not tire of and one which you can easily update.

Plush velvet sofas, soft green leather sofas and chairs, which may contain a splash of green are not only on trend but also practical and stylish. To update your ‘botanical’ look add cushions with a colour clash - pink, red and deep blue all look stunning alongside green.

Try not to shy away from embracing all shades of green, whether that means dusting down your houseplants that have sat at the back of your living room for too long or taking the plunge and using green in your interior design story. Whatever you decide you will be rewarded when you stand back and admire how well it fits into your lifestyle and how your mind reacts to the relaxed feeling it gives.

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