January 7, 2019

So, before you race out to the January sales and see what bargains are to be had, check out the latest interior looks for 2019 to ensure you truly are getting not only a bargain, but something that will ensure your home is ‘bang on trend’!

2019 Interior Trends Velvet

FABRIC: Velvet was once seen as something you saw an elderly aunt’s sitting room, not any more! Velvet is now not only luxurious but funky and is gaining a lot of attention from designers who consider this tactile, versatile fabric to be one of the most sought after trends for 2019! Unlike other fabrics, velvet is a material with no raised weaves or loose threads. This makes it difficult to snag – ideal if you live with a cat or dog! Also, as velvet has a flat pile similar to a rug, it makes it highly durable. Sofas that are used everyday use need to be upholstered in a durable fabric and although cotton and linen are ideal but care must be taken with loose weaves as they can snag. Velvet will provide the ideal answer to not only these issues but also it is extremely easy to sponge and can be stain resistant if correctly treated.

If you’re looking for inspiration, check out our many velvet swatch books in-store now!


2019 interiors - concrete

NATURAL MATERIAL: Fresh, natural materials such as stone, copper, concrete, and granite will feature in 2019. These organic elements whilst providing a natural, earthy feel may leave you wondering why concrete has left the building sites? But you’ll soon see why when in 2019 you see it making its home in many décor projects, providing a crisp, clean look that sits well with industrial kitchens. Geometric concrete tiles will become increasingly popular and will pair perfectly with the hottest 2019 design trends. Our range of concrete lamps will allow you to ‘dip your toe’ into this exciting new look.

While rose gold was one of 2018’s most used decor looks, 2019 will see less rose gold and more copper, together with other ‘warm tone’ metals. Copper provides this look perfectly with its red and orange tones and overall earthy shades, copper is a breath of fresh air for the new year. 2019 looks like the year where we say goodbye to stainless steel and polished nickel and say hello to brass accents. Brass is a surprisingly warm and subtle alternative to the expected steel accents.


2019 interiors colour

COLOUR: We all know muted colours help to make spaces feel less overwhelming, but designers believe that in 2019 bolder colours will be popular and on-trend. Richer colour schemes set alongside more muted tomes will bring your décor alive and provide an exciting new look. Dramatic reds, statement pinks, bold yellows and organic greens will all be popular choices.

A timeless design trend, black and white furnishings need to be on your list of trends for your home’s decor in 2019. The combination of black and white provides a sense of balance and boldness to your home. The past few years have seen designers and homeowners move towards cooler colours such as blues and greens, so it’s great news that warmer tones are going to be in for 2019. Tonal reds provide the perfect addition and contrast while providing the warmth that makes your home more inviting.

Yellow has often been seen as overwhelming and dramatic, but now the bolder the better! Yellow is a colour that radiates happiness, confidence, and cheer. Whether used in accents or statement pieces, burnt yellow is sure to make your home feel cheerful in 2019.

We hope you embrace some, or all of the above. Remember small, carefully chosen items such as a velvet cushion on your sofa, a concrete lamp or a copper plant holder will provide a 2019 look for your home!

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