Questions & Answers

Is your store now open?

We are now closed now but we are hoping to open on APRIL 12th. We are open and you can talk to our sales team, please leave a telephone message or email us. We can help you order your new sofa or bed before the 'post lockdown' rush. After Lockdown 1 we were very busy and therefore the early you can order the sooner you will receive your order. Our sales team can help you choose your perfect sofa, bed, dining or occasional furniture. Our Spring Sale is on now and all stock and orders placed are reduced.

Can I visit your store?

Our store is closed but our team are there and working hard 'behind the scenes' to help you online and to assist if you wish to collect your orders.

Are you still delivering into homes?

Yes, our delivery team are fully COVID compliant and will wear masks, sanitise and socially distance when delivering. They will ask if you wish your furniture/bed left in its packaging or if you wish them to unpack and remove the waste for recycling. Most of our deliveries are free of charge.

We can't wait to welcome you back into our COVID safe store - don't forget it is the size of 2 football pitches so social distancing is no problem!



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