Questions & Answers

Is your store now open?

Yes we are fully open from 10 am - 5.30 pm Monday to Saturday in accordance with government guidance we have completed and passed a COVID-19 risk assessment.

Can I visit your store by appointment?

Yes, we are offering personal shopping appointments between 9am and 10am before our store fully opens. Call us on 01858 435990 or email us to arrange. We have free parking immediately in front of our store.

Will it be safe to visit your store?

In order to keep our customers and staff safe we have followed all government recommendations and added in some of our own. Our team is trained with regard to hygiene; we have hand-sanitising stations and regular cleaning, all of our furniture and beds are sanitising throughout the day. We will give you a ‘cover’ which you can use to sit on our sofas and lay on our beds so you can try safely and with confidence. We also ask that anyone displaying any symptoms of Covid-19 does not enter any of our stores.

How will you ensure 2-metre social distancing?

Our store is 12,600 sq metres (a football pitch is 7,140 sq metres)! This means it is very easy to maintain a safe distance from other shoppers at all times.

Are you making deliveries?

Yes, we have a delivery team who are trained for safe delivery. We will call or email you to arrange delivery and to check you are not showing signs of COVID. We will give the option of the goods to be left unwrapped with the packaging removed or to be left in the original packaging for you to unpack when you feel ready. When they arrive at your home, our delivery team will call you and will then stay at least 2m away throughout the delivery. Our team have regular temperature checks and will wear masks and gloves. We prefer payment to be made by bank transfer if possible.

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