The top 5 reasons that we love G Plan Vintage

October 29, 2014

Russell Francis retails stunning furniture that will complement any home or business environment. We pride ourselves on supplying our customers with a huge variety of sofas to choose from and a friendly customer service which makes the furniture’s journey from store to living room smooth.

While every customer has their own unique tastes, one of the many popular brands that you will find when visiting our 3-storey shop, is the G Plan Vintage range, a beautiful collection inspired by the 50s and 60s.

For many people these ranges are reminiscent of a time in their life when everything was vibrant and exciting, whereas for others the range symbolises a revolutionary period that they wish they could have been a part of.

As huge fans of the brand, we have listed the top 5 reasons that we love the range:

`1. Blending together the past and the present

The purpose of the brand is to create furniture which gives a nod to the sixties through its fabrics and shape while meeting the expectations that contemporary customers have regarding levels of comfort. To achieve this, the collection beautifully blends together modern methods of manufacturing with classic colours that were considered the height of fashion in the 1960s. The slogan of the brand is: “turn yesterday’s classics into the icons of tomorrow” and this attitude is evident in each and every piece of furniture that they produce.

2. You can choose the size that suits

One of the many characteristics that make the collection so popular is the variety of shapes and sizes which are available. The comprehensive range allows you to purchase a small 2-seater sofa which is appropriate for a more compact space; or a much larger 3-seater settee if you live in a home where a lot of people like to sit down together. The streamlined, trim design ensures that it will look neat and tidy in your living space regardless of which size you prefer to purchase.

3. Bright

The decade of the Beatles is associated with bright colours, flamboyant patterns, revolutionary music, and a shift in the mood of the nation from the more restrained atmosphere of the 1950s to a “peace and love” society. As you can see from the image above, you can find lots of furniture designed using bright fabrics of the 60s such as the mustard yellow (above) which was a particularly iconic colour of the time.
Alternatively, you can add a brightly coloured sofa (or chair) to act as an accent colour in a room. If, for example, you have a lot of beige in your home – as is the trend in many modern homes – you might like your sofa to add a punch of colour to an otherwise neutral room. For more inspiration on how to design a 1960s room, read our blog which contains a few different decorating ideas that you might be interested in.

4. 21-stagedevelopment process

The comprehensive craftsmanship that goes into producing the G Plan range is evident in its quality, comfort, and style. To make pieces in the collection an elaborate 21-stage design and development process takes place to certify is produced to the same high standard.
Using high quality materials, each piece is handcrafted by a large team of individuals who work hard to make every piece look professional and attractive, right down to the smallest of details. The brand’s commitment to quality means that you can enjoy their pieces for many years as the process enhances the durability and resistance of the products.

5. Adaptable

This collection can be introduced into your living room, your study, or even your workplace. Whether you work in a swanky city firm or a fun, energy-filled marketing office this furniture can reflect the sophistication of its surroundings, or be used to inject some colour and life into an otherwise drab space.

If you would like to find your very own G Plan Vintage sofa -or if you have any questions about the range -visit one of our showrooms, or alternatively you can contact us on 01858 435 999.

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