December 30, 2017

Whether its clothes, household goods, electrical items or furniture you can all 'sale shop savvy' if you take time to check what you are buying! Firstly ask yourself if you really need what you are about to buy, secondly ask yourself if you do need it, is it the correct colour, shape, size etc.

Many items bought in the January sales are no longer wanted by the end of February! Sales starting before Christmas can be advantageous for last minute Christmas gifts but they can also encourage shoppers to buy quickly and sometimes wrongly. So the advice seems to be, think before you buy, make sure you need the item and can afford to buy it.

If you are out and about shopping wear sensible clothes (if you are in and out of busy, hot shops wear layers) and ensure you wear a comfortable pair of shoes and have a determined attitude. Always do your research before buying, check for free delivery and the company's returns policy.

Good luck and hope you're happy with your sale bargains!






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