June 12, 2015

We’ve all heard that as a nation we’ve turned wasteful whether it’s with food, money, clothing and other disposable materials. Well some of us have taken to recycling unwanted items around the house and repurposing them into creative and functional features for the home. From simple repainting jobs to designing new and unique creations, upcycling is a creative way of getting more from what you already own!

Suitcase-Chair-Paragon-Caramel-linen-st365-800x533.jpgRefresh old shelves by varnishing them. Go from plain wood with a seal to white lacquer and add light where there was little before.

Katie Thompson Upcycling

Clean and reuse glass bottles as vases for single flowers or spray paint dried false flowers a bright colour for a child’s room or gold for Christmas decorations.

How about making a table entirely out of books? Stack books and secure them with a belt for a clever storage solution that doubles up as a chic bedside table

Designer Katie Thompson recreates furniture from everyday objects and her suitcase chairs are some of the most well known examples. She takes her inspiration from wanting to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

You can change the whole tone of your living room by reupholstering an armchair or sofa or any suite. For a fraction of the price of replacing all your furniture, why not simple change the upholstery. Try out new patterns, new colours on comfortable cushion you’re already used to.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and upcycling old furniture is the perfect way to explore your creativity whilst creating pieces that are guaranteed to be totally unique to you. Why not check out our pinterest board which has some of the most unique upcycled project from around the web -

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